Overview of jobs and local projects posted by companies and jobs by private individuals for freelancers. As a freelancer you can search for a project or job and make a quotation. Do you have a project in your company or a job for freelancers, then post it on and hire a freelance professional.

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Jobs and local projects

For all jobs in or around the house or in the garden you can find a handyman. For private individuals with a job that can be done within a few hours, as well for companies with a freelance project of one or more days or for a longer period. If you want to get rid of a tree in your garden, have a dormer window installed, have a new lawn or terrace laid, post a job and let handymen respond. Wallpapering, painting, bricklaying, placing fencing, you can hire a handyman from the region for all conceivable jobs. Companies looking for temporary reinforcement or for a longer period can attract local handymen by posting a project. In the technical categories of work such as construction or metal there are many handymen or contractors that you can hire.

Hire a freelancer, contractor or handyman

If you are looking for a handyman from the region for a project in your company or for performing a job on location, you can post a project or job and hire a professional. Private individuals with a job in or around the house can also post a job and hire a handyman. You can post a job for every conceivable job. For household help, placing a fence, sawing a tree or removing shrubs, painting, masonry, for every job you post you can receive multiple quotes from handymen and contractors to which you can respond.